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  • The NetworkAddressing Collegiate Alcohol and Other Drug Issues
    • Begun in 1987 by U.S. Department of Education, the Network is a voluntary membership organization whose member institutions agree to work toward a set of standards aimed at reducing alcohol and other drug problems at colleges and universities. It now has approximately 1,600 members nationwide.  All Network work is conducted by volunteers at the national, region and state level.
    • The Network is divided into 18 regions. Each region has a Regional Director (RD) volunteer. One of those regions includes California and Nevada.  Its RD is Heather Dunn Carlton.
    • Each State has a State/Territory Coordinator (STC) volunteer.  For California, the STC is Jim Lange.  This site is managed by Jim Lange.  If you have suggestions, comments or questions about this site, please feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
    • Membership in The Network is free for colleges and universities.  To see if your institution is a member, to join, or to update your membership information visit The Network's national site.  After joining or modifying contact information on the national site, you can contact Jim Lange to assure a more prompt inclusion in The Network CA site.
  • The Network California is comprised of the STC for California and all the member colleges and universities within California.  Information gathering and dissemination is the main function of The Network California.  Sometimes that means passing on information from the national Network to local members, and sometimes that means identifying emerging issues and bringing them to the attention of national resources.
  • The Network CA website serves as the information hub for the California members.  Here training opportunities, national meeting information, news about AOD topics and research, and links to other resources can be found.  There is also a discussion forum open to California members to discuss AOD prevention topics.
  • Guests are welcome.  You don't have to be the designated contact person for a member college or university to browse through this site.  The information posted here will hopefully be of benefit to a general audience as well.  However, only contact members will have the ability to post to the discussion forums of this site.