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One Week to Go!

The California State University hosted Alcohol and Other Drugs Educational Conference 2012 in Fresno is one week away.  The program is set, and looks to be a good one.  There are four program sessions, each with a selection of presentations to choose from.  Two Keynote speakers will address the entire conference: Liz Harrison, a news broadcaster with a personal story about addictions in her family, and Dr. John Clapp, the Director of the U.S. Department of Education's Higher Education Center for Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Violence Prevention.

The Network CA will be there as well.  Look for me, Jim Lange, California's State Coordinator for the Network.  I'll be making two presentations, one with the California Coalition for Safer Universities and another called Marijuana Update.  I'll also be making a push to get member institutions to COMPLETE THAT SURVEY!  Watch for an announcement about a special incentive to complete it, but don't wait for it, everyone will get the special reward who has done the survey.

I'll be doing my best to blog the conference, posting updates to the Network CA Facebook page.  Make sure you've joined the page and you can follow and post about the conference too.

HEC Marijuana Prevention Webinar

The U.S. Department of Education's Higher Education Center for Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Violence Prevention will be holding a free Webinar titled "Marijuana Prevention on College Campuses in a Changing Environment" with yours truly the presenter.  The Webinar will be presented live on  Feb 23 at 10:30 PST to Noon.  Registration for this event has now reached capacity, so no further registration is possible.  However, following the live presentation, a recording of the webinar will be available on the HEC website.

Alcohol and Other Drugs Educational Conference 2012 - Deadline Extended

UPDATE - The deadline for program proposal and award submissions has been extended to March 1.

The CSU hosted Alcohol and Other Drugs Educational Conference 2012 to be held in Fresno on April 12-13 has released a call for program proposals.  Deadline for proposals is February 15th.

Registration is now live as well.  See

Repeal Cannabis Prohibition Act of 2012

Another initiative attempting to make its way onto the 2012 California ballot has been released. Called the Repeal Cannabis Prohibition Act of 2012, the initiative would remove most references to Marijuana within California legal codes. It would permit adults (presumably age-18 and up) to grow, possess and use an unlimited quantity of cannabis or cannabis product. The initiative would still prohibit both driving while impaired by marijuana, and furnishing marijuana to a minor. Regulation of the commercial production (as defined by amounts 3 lbs or greater) would fall under the jurisdiction of the CA Department of Public Health; neither taxes nor regulations could be imposed on amounts smaller than 3 pounds.

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Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Act: The next Prop 19?

News reports are swirling about a ballot initiative given approval to move forward that would legalize marijuana in California.  Organizers are now seeking signatures to qualify it for inclusion in a 2012 statewide election. The initiative is being called the “Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Act.” It would be a sweeping, statewide legalization of marijuana for those over 21. Cultivation, transportation, wholesale and retail sale, and use of marijuana would be regulated in a manner similar to wine under this new law.

The language of the initiative can be read here. A first reading raises many questions for those interested in public health and AOD abuse prevention on college campuses.  Here are two of those questions:

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