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The Scoop on Powdered Alcohol

The Internet is buzzing with news about powdered alcohol.  The company Lipsmark, has apparently applied for approval to market a product they're calling Palcohol, a packet of powder that when mixed with water will create an alcoholic beverage.  Lipsmark is applying for a patent for their manufacturing processes, but we're also learning that the process for making such powders is not actually new, or even that difficult.

A simple Google search will yield articles describing the manufacturing process, and also informs us that such products are already being sold in various countries.  Essentially the process to make this involves using a highly absorbent powder, adding liquid alcohol, and then sifting it to break it back up into powder.  Perhaps the most important marketing element that Lipsmark is offering is a sealed pouch so that the alcohol does not evaporate back out while it sits on the store shelf.


Even though Palcohol is not currently available, media hoopla may cause powdered alcohol to be used by students.  How is that possible? Articles in established magazines like Popular Science not only tell how to make it, they even have links to purchase the supplies.  Is it a surprise that the suppliers report that the base powder is now on back order?

So this means… keep powdered alcohol on your RADAR, and understand that regardless of regulation, with every "new" alcoholic product, a homemade version is almost always just a few keystrokes away.