The Network CA: December Newsletter


The Network CA

Keeping California Members Connected



Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) prevention cannot be done in isolation. The Network is here to help connect professionals with valuable information and ideas for improving the climate for prevention on campus. Here are some ways you can get better connected:

Attend a conference

There are two conferences coming up specifically for college AOD prevention, and a third that will include AOD within the program:

Follow and lead on social media

Join these so that you can hear about, comment on, and share AOD prevention information:

  • Twitter Follow @stcnetworkca and then have us follow you too.  Send me your relevant organization account and maybe get a retweet or two.
  • Facebook Like NetworkCA
  • Chat with fellow preventionists across the nation by joining The Network Facebook Group. This closed group allows for frank discussion on issues we all care about.

Join a listserve

Sure they're old-fashion but still just as effective.  Here are a couple of recommended ones:

Participate in a webinar

NASPA and other organizations offer webinars.  Some are free, others have a nominal cost. Watch The Network California website for information on upcoming webinars.  And if you know of one that we don't have there, tell us about it.

Reach out

  • Phone calls and emails still work.  The Network is here to connect you with others sharing similar challenges.  If you have questions, consider bouncing them off me and perhaps I can connect you with someone who can help.  If you would like to see a particular webinar or training opportunity on a topic, let me know.  I may just be able to arrange something either through The Network or NASPA KC.
  • Write an article for The Network CA website.  Let others know you have something to share and help move all of us forward.

So as you make your plans for the new year, include staying connected to the broader AOD prevention community.  We are all in this together.

Happy Holidays,


James Lange, Ph.D. (Coordinator of AOD Initiatives, SDSU)
The Network State Coordinator for California