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Fresno Conference a Success!

Unofficial attendee counts places this year’s conference at the top. Almost every CSU, and about half of the UCs were represented. We had private and community colleges attending as well.

Next year’s conference will be hosted at CSU Chico. Watch for more information, and remember, this conference is hosted by the CSU system, but is open to all institutions of higher education within California.

A Few Highlights:

Dr. John Clapp, Director of the U.S. Department of Education’s Higher Education Center for Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Violence Prevention spoke about the importance of adapting elaborate evidence-based interventions to fit the limited resources of campuses.

Kimberlee Homer Vagadori, of the California Youth Advocacy Network conducted a session about creating a tobacco-free campus. Amazingly, she ended the presentation letting all those attending know that there’s money available for implementing anti-smoking programs!

The California Coalition for Safer Universities hosted a session in which attendees learned about effective management of large social events. Responsible beverage service, proper security and even ensuring non-alcohol events become a success were discussed.

Slides of all the presentations will be available on the conference website.

If you were there, send me your highlights, or post them on our Facebook page!

Marijuana Follow Up

If you missed my talk on marijuana, or just want to keep the discussion going on marijuana, synthetic marijuana and Salvia divinorum, then sign up for my online webinar at Remember, you can get a free pass to enrollment if you complete your campus survey. Enrollment ends on Monday.