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Enforcement of Drug Free Schools Act May Step Up

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that the U.S. Department of Education is under increasing pressure to more rigorously enforce the Drug Free Schools and Community Act (DFSCA).  The act requires any institution of higher education that receives any federal funds to abide by certain alcohol and drug policies.  Included among the requirements are notifications to students, faculty and staff, drug-free policy enforcement and a biennial programmatic review.  Failure to comply with the requirements puts at risk all federal funds to the institution.

The Network, along with the Higher Education Center, have long been involved in training campus professionals on the intricacies of compliance.  More information on what's involved can be found at the Higher Education Center website, and at the national Network site.

With many schools needing to complete their biennial review by the end of this year, perhaps this summer is a great time to get familiar with the requirements.