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California AOD Educational Conference

Information about the 2013 Alcohol and Other Drug Educational Conference is now available on the CSU Chico website.  You can now easily find registration, lodging and other conference information. Stay tuned for the program proposal information to be included there as well.

The Alcohol & Other Drug Educational Conference

  • When?: April 18 and 19, 2013
  • Where?: CSU Chico
  • Why?: Because this is the one and only state-wide conference devoted to Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) prevention on college campuses in California.  Everyone interested in this topic is invited to attend.

Get your program proposals and travel requests ready!  More information to follow.

Drugs and the Election

If you have joined the Network Facebook group, then you could comment on my post there about some recent commentary regarding U.S. politics and the state of our drug policies.  Here's the post, and if you want to put your two cents in, join the group and have at it.  Happy Election Day!

If you have access through your university, an interesting commentary on drugs and politics . It's interesting because (a) it is amazing that as two states are poised to legalize marijuana, and 2 more than the existing 17 are possibly going to add medical marijuana, neither presidential candidate is proposing practical and public health centered approaches to managing this tide of state liberalization, and (b) the British spell "jail" "gaol"... Who knew?

Combine this with the CESAR fax of the dayand you've got the makings of a pro-drug conspiracy theory.


Two States May Jump First

So California did not legalize marijuana in 2010, but two states this year may: Washington and Colorado.  Both states have ballot initiatives that would allow for the sale, possession and use of marijuana for non-medical purposes., one of the "prediction" or betting markets on such things, give each about a 70% change of winning.  With only one week before the election, that means each initiative is enjoying more favorable odds than California's prop 19 did at the same time before the election two years ago.

Read more: Two States May Jump First

NASPA AOD Abuse and Violence Prevention and Intervention Conference

The call for programs deadline (Oct. 26) is rapidly approaching for this year’s NASPA AOD conference. This year’s conference is in Fort Worth, Texas, on January 17-19. Registration is now open as well.

With the demise of the U.S. Department of Education's conference, the NASPA AOD conference may well turn out to be the one national college-focused alcohol and other drug abuse prevention conference. Check it out and help make the program as strong as possible by submitting something great.